Monday, April 30, 2012

Anonymity of the Interwebs

Many people go online every day. Using profiles and names that all the friends and people they know, are familiar with.

And then there are the rest of us…the unknowns…those that will write stuff, and remain secretive about their identity.

But how secret is your identity?

Little things written in blogs, such as:
-         My birthday is tomorrow…
-         I went to _____ for school for 12 years…
All spoil your identity.

Those that know you, even in the faintest ways, can suddenly understand who you are, and know who the real you is, losing your fake identity.

Recently Baby Carrot wrote a new blog, talking about setting people up, for dating and marriage, using only information that he/she has garnered from the blogs.

Are these all viable options?
Will Masculine Jew and Thinking Jew Girl get together? Probably not.

Does The Unconventional Bochur now have a thing for Musings? Again, probably not.

But if we explore the reasoning's behind Baby Carrot's actions, maybe he/she has a point? The fake wall you are putting up, is really similar to your real self.

Maybe these secret identities are not so secret to yourself, because it is the real you.

Many of you may wonder who I am...and that's alright. That's half the fun of the game known as "Anonymity of the Interwebs".

But until I am ready to reveal myself, I can guarantee to remain anonymous.

Because I, I'm the real Batman.