Monday, September 23, 2013

Stupidest Creature On Earth

Over the first days of Succos, I rediscovered one of the stupidest creatures on this planet.

I'll give you a hint or two before I tell you what it is.

- This creature puts itself through pain on a daily basis.

- Even though it knows it was in pain yesterday, it will repeat the action today, because it thinks its a good idea.

- It will make noises and notify other creatures around it about its pain, yet do nothing to resolve the issue.

The answer is simple:


The pain? 

Wearing high heels.

I saw a girl walking down the street looking like a baby giraffe, with her legs buckling underneath her with every step, as she hobbled down the streets.

Girls, it's not your height that is sexy. Nor your ankles. Its the legs.

Making them taller and destroying your feet is just plain stupid.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ugly Jews in New York

Yup, I said it.

I have been on enough dating websites to have seen enough girls from the New York area as well as those outside of it.

When I see a picture, without a location, I can usually guess if they are from New York or not.

If they are good looking, I know that they are from out-of-state. However, if they are not-so-hot, they are generally New Yorkers.

Oh, I've also seen some weird ones, generally from New York, such as "A profile picture, of a high-school yearbook picture, on a bed." Yup, they didn't scan it in. They didn't take a picture already online. They took a picture of a picture.

Gotta love technology.

And random rants.

And penne ala vodka.


A bunch of my friends went to an event today.

I couldn't go, because all the tickets that were left were extremely overpriced, and came in sets of 2 or more.

I tried everyone else I knew who had an interest in that event, but no one wanted to go, especially at those prices.

So: Blah.

After three days at home for Rosh Hashona, I get to sit at home again today.

Joyous New Year to all!