Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ugly Jews in New York

Yup, I said it.

I have been on enough dating websites to have seen enough girls from the New York area as well as those outside of it.

When I see a picture, without a location, I can usually guess if they are from New York or not.

If they are good looking, I know that they are from out-of-state. However, if they are not-so-hot, they are generally New Yorkers.

Oh, I've also seen some weird ones, generally from New York, such as "A profile picture, of a high-school yearbook picture, on a bed." Yup, they didn't scan it in. They didn't take a picture already online. They took a picture of a picture.

Gotta love technology.

And random rants.

And penne ala vodka.

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  1. I... ummm.... well.... ya see... ummm.... What.

    Love penne ala vodka though.


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