Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mr. Google

So, like every obsessive blogger, I check my stats once in a while.

Simple things, that blogger generally provides me with. Things like, "Page Views", "Most Popular", etc.

But then I found a website that can tell me where I rank in Google Searches, based on different search queries.

Some of my posts, I was fairly surprised, when it would give me the ranking, it would say: "Your page is ranked #19 in this query".

19!!!! Yes, I am starting to make a dent in this world.

But then I got a real shocker...one of my pages came up listed as "Your page is ranked #1 in this query."



Granted it was on Google.uk and not Google.com, but still, I'm impressed. :)

I just wish I knew who some of the people reading my posts are...because the ones getting the most reads, are all people I would love to have a conversation with.


  1. Did you see what the most popular thing searched for on your blog is? Mine is 'boobs', apparently. Makes me wonder who reads my blog...

    1. Either they don't show me those searches, or no one has searched within the minds :) Not sure which.

      And yeah, the boobs was all my fault...sorry, I was looking for an extra nickel, and thought I might have dropped it there.


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