Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Moment Of Escape - RUINED

There is a place that everyone goes to when they need a place to Escape. The reason for escape doesn't usually matter, it can be to:
- Vent to ones self
- Be mad
- Be angry
- Be happy
- Lots of Other Things

And for a lot of people, they have one place that they can go to to do any of the above.

Over time I've heard, and seen, a lot of different places for this:
- Quiet Bench w/ a book
- Running
- Ice Skating
- Gym
- Swimming
- Insert Your Own Special Place/Activity Here

But what happens when you go to your special place, or do your special thing, and it is ruined by others?

Over this weekend I went to my Special Place (to Be Happy), and was enjoying myself at this location.

Until I saw those two Jewish teenage girls.

When you saw them talking there in the corner, you just felt the tension radiating off of them.

They were talking to each other, and clearly very upset about something. Their actions were forceful. Their voices somewhat raised, but not screaming. One was a little redder in the face, the other one was a little tearful.

When they finished that conversation (after about 20 minutes), one went off to sulk in a corner (the tearful one), while the other girl continued the activity as if nothing had happened.

About 10 minutes latter, the second girl stopped her activity to go talk to the first girl. They went out to the hallway for a bit, and came back a couple minutes later, all smiley (albeit looking a little forced from the teary one) and continued the activity.

But the tension was still in the air and had been in the air from when I started.

For that one day, my place of escape had been ruined.

Hopefully the next time I go, I can truly use my place of escape.

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  1. That's so frustrating.... having a place to escape to is so important... I know what its like to have that special place invaded and it feels like someone intruded on your deepest secret... hope its all yours next time!


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