Sunday, October 14, 2012

Damn You Google + New Look

So Google decided to randomly reset my page views to 0.

So instead of a few hundred, thousand, whatever, I now have 0 page views. So now I can hopefully get a few views on this to start it off again!

And since they messed me up, I decided to change the look of my blog.

What do y'all think?


  1. Replies
    1. Is it at least something that could possibly be gotten used to?
      Just new and different at the moment?

    2. I don't like getting used to new things, so you are asking the wrong person. As an aside, you 'NOW have 0 page views'.

  2. A lot of people had the same issue. Do you still have zero page views? I had the same problem, but it seems to mostly be fixed.

    I could get used to the new look, but I liked the old look. I like being able to see multiple posts on one page and the 'Hi Mom!' thing you had at the bottom was cute :-)

    1. Yes, indeed they have returned!

      And with what you said I'll change it back...I had forgotten about the "Hi Mom" until I was rebuilding the page tonight...and I'm glad to know that someone noticed it!

    2. Wow look at that it changed back.

    3. And the black is very masculine.

    4. Yay, it's back! It made me smile every time I saw it. Now that you've moved it, maybe more people will notice it.

    5. Yeah, they wouldn't allow (in an easy method) to have a full black background in my new look...but I kinda like this one :) hence why I choose it originally...


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