Friday, October 19, 2012

Sarcasm By Design

So I tend to use sarcasm a lot, both in my writing and my speaking.

When I speak, it’s quite easy to tell sarcasm. But during typing, it is harder to detect.

So I figured I would start with some different font, maybe one of those that includes the word “Comic”, such as “Comic Sans”.

And then I realized…my phone doesn't have fonts…and fonts are different everywhere. So I have come up with a simple method to distinguish my sarcasm.

The tilde (~). Placed on both ends of your sarcasm, so those reading can tell where it begins and ends.

It is rarely used, so it wont confuse people when it is used to mark sarcasm.

All in favor of this idea, don’t comment on this.

All those who do like it, feel free to voice the awesomeness of this idea down below.

~ Great, you all love the idea :) ~


  1. I think italics work nicely as well.

    1. Indeed they do...but I ran into the same problem with Italics that I ran into with changing don't always have that option.

  2. There's a thread here discussing all of the other sarcasm tools out there. Thought I'd let you know as I mentioned your post in my comment.


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