Monday, October 22, 2012

Define: Friend

It's actually quite a simple task.

I am looking for the definition of the word "friend".

Is a friend there for you when you call? Or only when you message? Or only when they get around to it?

Is a friend someone who when you say "We need to hang out.", it happens. Or can it be someone you never see socially.

What defines a friend. What distinguishes friends from "close friends" and "bff"s?

Yes, I know my readership on this blog is now next to nothing, but for those that are still hanging around...just help me to understand...


  1. Awww sounds like someone is feeling a bit lonely and abandoned...

    1. There are different types of friends. Some casual, some 'besties', so I don't know what kind of friends you have, but not all friends will drop everything and run to you the second you need them. And some friends only stick around for awhile.

    2. Correction: MOST 'friends' will only stick around for a while.

    3. @FG - Exactly! So what elevates someone off that level?

  2. Friend is a loose term for someone one spends time with. A close friend is someone who would be there for you when times are tough. There aren't a lot of those types . A person is lucky to have even one close friend. Some people define a friend as code for close friend. I think that perhaps you do.

    1. I think I do...everyone else gets classified as "acquaintances". But a friend needs to be there for me.

    2. Fair enough. The truth is a true friend is someone who is really there for someone.

  3. Shevet Mussar, Chapter 40, paragraph 25:

    A person who loved knowledge instructed his son before his death:

    My son, how many friends have you acquired in your lifetime?

    He answered his father: At least 100.

    He told his son:
    ...I never acquired even one true friend in my lifetime,
    and you 100? Go and test them!

    The son eventually tested them,
    and none of his friends passed the test.

  4. "Yes, I know my readership on this blog is now next to nothing" I laughed out loud (I know that is what "lol" means but I actually did chuckle...)

    How can we really define anything? A friend, like many other things, are pretty subjective...for one person it might mean something and have certain expectations that won't be the same for someone else...


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