Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No respect for JB

Yes, I'll admit it, I hate Justin Beiber.

It's not just that he looks like a girl. And sounds like a girl. And grabs his crotch like a girl.

It's the fact that he has absolutely zero respect for those around him.

I mean, would you show up for a meeting with one of the world leaders, looking like this?

(JB with Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper)


  1. I'd hardly call anyone who has a political position of any sort in Canada a 'world leader', but the way JB is dressed in that picture is disrespectful to ANYONE.

    1. He is the highest position of his country, hence the title.

      Size, and importance don't matter, a title is a title.

    2. Ignorance. A refreshing sight on blogs. Oh wait, you're a Follower, which makes you smart it seems. Now I have to follow too so as to obviate the need for a joke turned worse than it already is. WM appreciates it I'm sure.

      Just messing. Kind of... C'mon man, learn about other countries in the world.

      As if we need any more reasons to dislike the kid.

  2. Wow. What in the world is he wearing? I'm kinda embarrassed for him.

    That is really disrespectful, but I feel like "hate" is a strong word.


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