Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rest In Peace, Innocent Angels

That is the list. Of the 20 innocent children, murdered in cold blood. By someone who's name doesn't even deserve to be mentioned.

Their parents sent them off to school. To learn. The ABC's. Arithmetic. How to write their names.

And they will never return.

The horror. The sorrow. The pain.

The stories of the heroics.

The principal and teachers. Who stood up against their attacker, and were innocently gunned down.

Others that were saved by these heroics. Children locked in bathrooms and closets, as the teachers lied, telling the gunman, that they had left to the gym.

How many parents came out of that firehouse, with tears of joy, that it wasn't there little angel.

Yet others can only find peace, in knowing that it all happened so fast, and there young ones didn't suffer.

How can you ever forget can't. But just hope that your child was all part of Gods plan, in whatever way it was meant to be.

And yes, for the next few weeks, blame will be put on gun laws. And security at the school. And many other places where it doesn't belong.

For when someone is truly crazy, nothing can stop them.

Rest In Peace, Innocent Angels.

Rest In Peace, Guardian Teachers.


  1. What is sad is that instead of coming together as a nation in the aftermath of an event like this, the event is immediately politicized. Proponents of freedom immediately have to begin defending their rights to bear arms ahead of the liberal onslaught. The most sickening thing was Obamas fake crying. The videos clearly show he was not crying. For that itself he should be impeached.

    1. You say - "What is sad...immediately politicized".

      And then you follow that up, by politicizing it...

  2. Its sad that its been politicized, however, as it has been, defenders of freedom must respond to save our guns.


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