Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Give The Wedding Gifts Back!

When people get engaged, I don't get them a gift. The reason is quite simple. If I get you an object, what are you doing with it? You guys aren't living together, and if it is opened in one of your houses, chances are it'll never make it to your newly married house.

But when you get married, and I get invited to the wedding (a real invite, not a faux Facebook mass message), I'll look through your registry and buy a few things. I'll look through and buy things that I think could be used.
I won't get the waffle iron or any other item that I think is an impulse buy, and at the same time, probably won't get used more than once per year.
I'll buy practical things. Like pot sets, silverware, or a "tool set" (which has all those useful spoons (slotted and full), spatulas, and beaters).

But when people ask for all those things, and then decide within a year or two, to move to Israel, leaving all their worldly belongings behind, and buying new things when they are there, as its simpler then packing and shipping, I think it's time to give everything back.

People spent money on you, and now you are just throwing it all away.

If you bought all of that for yourself the first time, you would be less likely to leave it behind.


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  2. Well they could sell the stuff on ebay and use the cash to buy new stuff for Israel.

    1. Then just have asked for cash if you expected to move...


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