Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Law Firms Getting Sexist

The law firms of "Clifford Chance" sent out a memo last week, to all female employees, with handy tips on what to do, entitled: "Presentation Tips for Women".

Because that title, and the fact that they didn't make another one for men, wasn't enough to get them into a little bit of trouble, instead they filled the memo with all sorts of goodies.

Some of the things included:

-"Like" you've got to lose "um" and "uh," "you know," "OK," and "Like."

- Don't giggle; Don't squirm; Don't tilt your head.

- Practice hard words.

- Wear a suit, not your party outfit.

And my favorite:

- No one heard Hillary the day she showed cleavage.

One would think that law firms would be smarter than this...

However most of these people did spend the money on law school and will never make it back unless they scam hundreds of other people out of their money...so who knows.


  1. Maybe its just that they're addressing those who it applies to, in the case of their firm, women. And yes, significantly more often than men do women dress inapropriatly for the law profession, and a law firm can lose money over that. I've seen judges kick out women who dressed showing cleavage or men for not wearing ties. Dress code is really important, and more often than not, due to the variety of clothes women can wear (as opposed to a man who can only wear a suit) they're more likely to abuse it.

    1. As you said yourself: "...or men for not wearing ties."
      So you don't think a memo should have been put out for both sexes, regardless how much content was within?

    2. Except it is exceedingly rare. I have seen dozens of cases, and on only 2 occasions did a lawyer show up without a tie. Women though have shown up in innapropriate dress far more often. The firm is simply doing this to save itself embarrassment and money.

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