Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big Gulp Gone Wild

For those that missed the big news out of New York last week, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the city would be limiting soft drink sales.

Any 16-ounce, or larger, drink that contains more than 25 calories per 8 ounces, will be banned from sale. Diet sodas would not be included.

Now personally, I tend to stick to water. But when I do venture into the world of sodas, if I get a 20-ounce or larger, I wouldn't finish it. It's too much to drink and enjoy, plus by the time you get lower down in the bottle, the fizz is gone, and it tastes horrible.

But banning the bigger drinks isn't a solution at all...wouldn't people then just buy two or three of them?

This is to try and fix obesity.

Obesity isn't caused by drinks.

Obesity isn't caused by sitting around and playing video games.

Obesity is caused by PARENTS.

If a parent has proper control over what their children are doing, the kids will stay in shape.

If you feed them candy 24/7 and don't give them normal food, they will get fat.

If you don't make the kid go outside and play once in a while, and get some sunlight, also good for the kid, he will have issues.

Now, I do understand that some people are naturally bigger, and some naturally smaller, but that won't be solved by this Big Gulp Ban.

That's just genetics.


  1. It's not only caused by parents.

    I know of people who lived in homes where their parents made sure they ate right and in moderation. They leave home, get married, no mommy waving her finger and boom: cholent belly.

    It's not about parents. It's about individual self control. Each and every person has to be conscious, not have someone else sit on top of them.

    I've actually been thankful that I never had an "amazing" metabolism; I've always had to watch myself. Those who begin not having to be aware - that often changes with age.

    People have to start taking responsibility for their own actions. Everything is always someone or something else's fault. Biblically, even if they had a reasonable explanation that was no excuse.

    1. Um, you mentioned a crucial word, that invalidated your argument.


      With marriage, comes responsibility. Responsibility of being a parent, even if you don't yet have kids.

      And if you aren't responsible to control yourself, then you shouldn't be married, or be having kids.

  2. I hadn't heard of it but that is very interesting!

    Sodas are death/sickness in a bottle...forget obesity, skinny or not, sodas are bad for you. And diet sodas are not that much better, if anything they are worse. I'm not utterly disappointed at his announcement but I'm not sure what it is going to accomplish either.

    1. I think I forgot to say it in the post, but I def meant to say that I would never drink Diet Soda.

      I'd rather die of Diabetes from the sugar in regular soda, then from Cancer, caused by the higher level of Carcinogens in Diet sodas.


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