Thursday, June 28, 2012

Your Life Belongs To You

Recently I was talking to a girl, who I had met as a possible "dating prospect", and things seemed to be going fine.

We talked back and forth for a few days, and things seemed all rosy and peachy, and looked like we might actually meet up for a first date.

And then it happened...her friend said something to her that made her think otherwise...and I quote (actual quotations""; and ... where parts were skipped, since they don't pertain to this story):

"I was talking today with someone who is very close to me and knows me very well...I was telling her about you and our conversations...The one thing that she mentioned to me that made me stop and think was that I wouldn't want my kids to grow up with a TV...Does that mean that I will throw out all my dvds and box sets, right now no, but maybe one day..."

Can we dissect this for a second?

One day, she is talking to me, and is fine with all of this, and the next, her friend tells her what she wants for her kids, and she changes her mind.


Not she making one herself, her friend telling her.

Second issue: She MAY throw out her DVDs and Box Sets one day...May? If you want your kids to grow up without TV, then those box sets will have to go. If you think that they don't have to go, then it's okay for your kids to know about TV shows, in which case, you will probably have a TV/DVD player, and you are right back where you were.

Except not right back where you were, because you told some guy you can't go out with him, because of something a friend told you you want.

Girls. Time for y'all to grow up. And make your own decisions.

It is your life. Take control of it.

And  yes, I have seen all the recent blog posts about girls asking a guy out, and truthfully, screw the stereotypes. If one person likes another person, regardless of the genders, they should ask them out. Because if you can't make a simple decision about going on a SINGLE DATE with another person, how do you think you'll be able to decide harder things later in life?


  1. Though I agree that people should have a mind of their own, sometimes friends can help remind you what it is that you truly value. Sometimes, specially in a relationship, you can get caught up. I'm not saying that she should just say "my friend told me x, y, z" but more like what her friend told her, sparked some thinking and she remembered stuff, etc.

  2. The way she put it makes me think that she was all excited to meet you - and then her friend reminded her of something she'd felt very strongly about in the past.

    If I thought asking guys out worked, then I'd keep trying. As is, failed every time. Has nothing to do with "should."


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