Sunday, June 3, 2012

Girls Need To Man Up

A few months ago I went on a first date with a girl.

We decided beforehand that since we both didn't have much time available over the next few days, we would meet up for lunch one day, and eat-stroll-shmooze.

From my point of view, it went pretty good. And she had said the same after.

I got a little busy over the following few days, and didn't have much time to text anyone, including her, so a few days later I apologized for my lack of conversation, saying that I had been busy, but I will try to fix that over the next couple of days.

She said it was okay, because she had actually been dating someone else at the same time (early stages), but didn't want to pass up a date with someone that could possibly work out. But on that note, things were more serious between them now, a few days later, so she thanked me, said she'd had a good time, and that was it.

I hadn't known if I liked her or not, and had wanted to go on another date before jumping to any conclusions.

Fast forward to now. She's single, and on the dating market again.

From my point of view, I already made my move. We had gone out, and then she became busy, and had moved on from it all.

If she still thinks we could work out, it is on her to make a move, because I already did.

If she thinks that we couldn't work out, then why not just be honest about that off the top, and a few months ago say that she really had no interest in me, and thanks for my time.

But I digress, because if a girl isn't man enough to say what she truly feels, then she isn't right for me.

Side note, I know, this was not on schedule, but after a month of that, I say: Who cares.


  1. I wouldn't wanna date someone who's dating me and someone else at the same time, nor would I do that to anyone else. It's impossible to give both people the attention they deserve, plus you'll end up comparing, something that's unhealthy for any relationship, no matter how early in.

    1. After one date with someone else, we went out, that's not called dating two people.

    2. Guess I misunderstood. My bad.

  2. I don't really get the scenario. It sounds like she was double dating or that after your first date, she went out with someone else bc she didn't know where you stood/decided on a second date?

    Regardless, no matter how busy you are, a 2 sec text goes a long way. Or even better, a 5 min phone call just to say, "I'm sorry, its been crazy." Girls need and want to feel that they are on your mind, even if it is only the beginning.

    Relationships are not about "this for that." If you like her and she is available, just ask her out again.

    1. No, I was the second person she went out with, except I hadn't known that, and then she became more serious with the other.

      I didn't mean that I didn't contact her for a few days, I just didn't have any time for real conversations.

      And I have no idea if I like her or not.


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