Sunday, March 2, 2014

Evolution of Jewish Bloggers

While I have been on the blogger scene for a few years, blogging myself on and off, I have discovered a few things about the Jewish Blogger.

For starters, most of them do not blog in their own names. If/When it is discovered by a friend who they are, they close down the blog, and soon thereafter open a new blog under a different name.

As such, it's sometimes hard to follow blogs, because it's impossible to keep track of those that are popping up and closing...

When I first started, there were about 10 blogs I followed earnestly. A few months later, I re-searched, and found a bunch of new ones to follow, as the first ones slowly closed down. Leaving my lists intact.

It's a shame really, because it means that over time, as I haven't been as vigilant on searching and finding, my blogger read list has dwindled down to only a few reads a week.

So if any people know of good Jewish blogs to read and/or follow, please comment them or email them to me.

It would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I have such nostalgia for the old Jewish Blogs that are now long defunct...but there are a few great ones out there and and then there's daughterintheparsha.blogspot and ...but they rarely post... hope this give you some reading material

    1. Thank you! Most of those have been explored/followed, but there haven't been a new crop in a while.


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