Monday, March 3, 2014


Dating is an investment.

The more you put into it, the more you hope that the payout is.

As such, you need to make every date count for the most, be it a first date, or the eighth.

Recently I made some long-term investments, that unfortunately didn't pan out.

Sure, money and time and effort was put into it.

But ultimately, who cares about all those things.

If you worry about everything you put into it, and that you got nothing out of it, you will ultimately fall behind the game, and start making bad investments.

So if you believe in something, put your all into it, and hope that it pans out!


  1. Thus far, for me at least, it never has.

    1. Same here...however, with my recent failed investments, I don't regret them, or the money spent on it, although it was my most expensive investment to date.
      You can't regret taking chances, and trying to make things happen!


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