Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reaching Out

I've had my ups and downs in life.

Most of them occurring for me Post-High School and more-so Post-College.

But sometimes you just need a place to vent, or a place to talk things out. Regardless if the other side has answers for you or not.

I am thankful that some of the bloggers here have listened to me over the years.

You guys know who you are.

On that note, to any random readers reading this (who am I kidding, even I know that no one reads the Minds anymore :) ...although I hit 30k this week!), feel free to email me, or most other bloggers, if you have an issue, and just need someone to talk to.

Most of us don't bite...and the ones who do, are usually doing it in a playful way. Hopefully.

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