Friday, July 26, 2013

CC - The Delights Of Laundry

One of the joys of marriage, is that we now have a shared responsibility of doing laundry. And we usually both chip in.

The first few times though, were extremely weird.

While sure, a few times he had seen my "delicates" (to say the least) (CG), (and she saw my socks! (MA)), it was weird for me to think of him looking through those things.

I mean, until we got married, no one had seen some of my VS stuff before, let alone handled them.

Not gonna lie...a few times in the beginning I would do special loads while he was out working, just so I could keep my hands only on those stuff.

MA - Unfortunately, she has now gotten over that "fear of me handling her delicates", meaning I get to do the laundry more and more frequently. Joy. :)

Either way, couples, just let each other do your laundry from the start. It's bound to happen sooner or later, and no point in wasting extra loads in the beginning. :-P

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