Thursday, July 11, 2013

Light In My Life

Everyone needs a reason to live.
A reason to look forward to life.
Purposes to be happy, and smile.
And things to look forward to.

Sometimes the light grows dim.
And things get harder.
With a struggle, and a lack of desire.
To live and keeps things going.

But then you get that ray of light.
Something there that keeps you going.
A thing to look forward to at the end of the day.
A glow in the dark mines.

Whenever you see it, it makes you smile.
It reminds you why it is all worth it.
What the purpose is.
And feeling all happy inside.

Bundles of joy.
Unconditional love.
Light in the eyes.
Reasons to power on.



  1. Nice! I agree with the concept, but why is it that so many people need "a reason to look forward to life," "a reason to power on?" Shouldn't life itself be reason enough? What are we missing? This concept of needing reasons to forge ahead makes it seem like life is inherently hard and dark when it shouldn't be so.

    1. It may seem like a concept to you, but for some people life is harder, and full of darkness. And lack of reasons to "forge ahead".

    2. I understand that, but my question is why is this so many people's reality? Is it frame of mind/attitude, simply what life has dealt us (without skills to triumph over whatever it is), lack of direction/meaning, or something totally different?

      (Perhaps calling it a "concept" and rationalizing about something that is innately emotional seems cold and unsympathetic. Really, I'm wondering why this is so because I can personally relate.)

    3. I think it is different for every person.

      You are welcome to email to discuss it further, but to keep it simple:
      - I have no problem achieving goals.
      - No task is too large.
      - I think that anything I put my mind to, that I have control over, I can accomplish.

    4. I'm a little confused. What does not having a problem accomplishing things have to do with life being difficult and bleak? Are you saying that it has nothing to do with your attitude?

    5. I was responding to your points of: "Is it frame of mind/attitude", "lack of direction", and saying that it may be something totally different.

    6. Gotcha. So then what?

      Here's a thought, but I think it does have to do with lack of focus (but perhaps a different variation of which you were suggesting). It speaks to the fact that this life isn't a world upon itself. Life is inherently challenging, and it isn't supposed to be easy. Being who we are, living in the world that we live in, we're used to super efficiency and quick fixes, and it's a hard concept to swallow that our reality isn't that. We're always looking for the easy way. Yet, "Adam l'amul yulad," man is born to work. We're sent down to this world to accomplish something. Our hardships are the means to this end.

      The lack of perspective as to why we have the challenges that we do makes our world seem dark?


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