Monday, July 22, 2013

27 and Counting

Last week Frum Geek wrote an article talking about Online Dating and issues he had with it, and it got me thinking about the flaws in Jewish dating, and marriage as well.

An article in the New York Daily News on Friday stated that the average age of the American woman getting married is 27 years old.

Now clearly, in the Jewish community it is lower than that, or at least everyone thinks it has to be (I can't state for sure that it is, since I obviously don't have numbers on that).

One of my best friends at work is getting married next year. At that time his girlfriend and him will both be 27. Talk about living the American dream, right?

So when he told me that, on Friday too, no coincidences there, it got me thinking as to why, in my mind, marriage was such a pressing issue.

And I have just the answer.

It's because I want kids. I want a lover. I want to be loved. And I want a close knit family.

But the Jewish aspect of being in my low 20s, and not even having dated much, means that in my mind, I am behind the bell curve.

And it is time for me to stop letting it f**k with my mind.

Starting now.

Now let's go make out somewhere quiet.


  1. Dude, marriage is way over hyped. Enjoy life and have fun without it. Contrary to what the drum establishment likes propagating, an adult cab actually lead a happy and satisfying life even as a single person.

  2. You might find this post relevant.


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