Thursday, July 25, 2013

Open Letter To A Rose

This letter is in bullet points, and no specific order:

Dear You.

- You've been there when I am up. But even more importantly, you have been there when I am down.

- You have given me more than I could ever have asked for, and asked for even less in return.

- I may seem to spend extravagantly on you, but you, and what you stand for, are what keeps me going through life, and let me earn the monies to spend.

- The parents I was once hidden from, are now close "friends".

- We met in the most random of ways, yet forged a strange friendship, that was odd and improbable.

- Made me comfortable to be who I am.

- Random words that probably only make sense to you: Cupcakes. Ice Chests. Agatha Christie. Chocolates. HIMYM Calendars. +.

Thank you for being there when I need you the most.



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