Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Cautious Couple

We want to start off by thanking Wondering Minds for letting us write on this blog.

Our posts will usually be in both our words, with agreements or disagreements voiced out within it. We don't know how much we will write, although he has said however frequent or non-frequent we'd like, so we'll take him up on that offer.

Our names will be kept to initials, and ones that are hopefully not too distinguishable, so let's start off by introducing ourselves.

Although we won't usually say which one of us is doing the "talking", when we do, we'll sign off our thoughts:

My name is CG, I am 22 years old, and the wife in this unlikely arraignment. I was lucky enough to meet the love of my life about 11 months ago, and couldn't wait to get married to him. We got married in March, and have been figuring it out ever since. <3

Finally, I get to write something...my name is MA, and all that previous stuff, was all CG. I am 25, from the Virginia area, and had looked high and low, before finally finding the right one. Thankfully she has been a blessing to my life, and besides for personality and humour, she is also good looking...or at least I tell her she is :) . I am also clearly a trouble maker...
(Luckily I am the better "proof-reader" between the two of us, so I get to write second, and tidy everything up. I also get to hit "publish" :) hopefully she'll never reread anything after it's up already!)

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