Wednesday, July 24, 2013

100 and Counting!

Wow, I can't believe this is my 100th post (and that I almost wrote episode).

Since the beginning of this blog, I didn't think that was a possibility...of course I didn't think the amount of page views was possible either, but I guess things happen!

Taking a quick peak back over the last 14+ months, I see lots of things that failed early on (anyone remember Tanka Thursdays? or how about a Schedule with specific topics depending on the days...oy.).

I mean, looking at my first "Blog Note", I noticed comments saying that I probably wouldn't last a week, let alone two weeks or even a year+. (Ahem, Altie.)

And then there are the Easter Eggs hidden throughout these pages.

Things like the locations of each post, which has been written about, and how they are either about where the post is talking about, or subtle hints at what I really meant.

Or things listed in the labels, some of them since Day 1, other reminders popping up throughout.

Either way, thanks to the 3 of you that still religiously read this blog, and to the 173 others of you that browse through once in a while!

Anyone think I can't make it to 200?

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