Thursday, May 31, 2012

Location, Location, Location

Some of you may have noticed by now the "location" tag on all my blogs.

They all come from a seemingly random place, but upon closer inspection, they all have a little something to do with the blog post itself. Be it a related word to the post, or a sarcastic joke of what it is.

For those of you who haven't noticed, or even those who have, I decided after a month of posts (now) to compile the complete list in one post, and give the reasoning to them all.

And yes, they are all real locations.

  • Big Beaver, PA - Because it's just funny.
  • Climax, GA - Yes, my first few locations were kinda was before I started getting cute with them.
  • Zigzag, OR - This was on my first poem, which went all over the place
  • Money Island Beach, NC - On a post about my sanity...
  • Niceville, FL - The schedule to my madness, which has mostly been followed til now - Go me!
  • Crackersport, PA - On my first sports post.
  • Cranberry Marsh, WI - The attention span there is probably not that large.
  • Looneyville, NY - While introducing the The Shomer Toucher...I apologize.
  • Funkhouser, IL - When I was in a funk about being used.
  • Interwebs - While creating a now non-used Twitter account.
  • Hotchkissville, CT - "Kiss" while talking about the choices of Shomer Negiah
  • Bacon, IN - A poem that ended with a quote on bacon.
  • Kiryas Joel, NY - On a post about Chassidim...if you don't get this one, I can't help you.
  • Fort Dick, CA - Another sports post, which is generally a manly thing.
  • Goose Egg, WY - On The Shomer Touchers first post. A goose egg amongst my golden eggs. Eh, who am I kidding, TSTs posts are brilliant.
  • Dumbell, WY - Talking about the Asifah....I think it was appropriate.
  • Hand, SD - On a post about handwriting.
  • Nunapitsinchak, AK - Don't ask. It was just an awesome name.
  • Mt Homa, Kenya - President Barack Hussein Obama's "Hometown"
  • Sao Paolo, Brazil - Another sports post, with multiple stories on soccer (futbol), so only appropriate to bring in Brazil.
  • Guide, Hainan, Qinghai, China - Because there was no correct place to stick this post.
  • Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL - Well, because it was Linkin Park lyrics...
  • Angerville, France - I was angry...
  • Bieber, CA - Poor city was named after that Canadian girl.
  • Fukita, Itano, Itano District, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan - It was a thought. I needed a longer location name then the thought.
  • Whatcom County Jail, 311 Grand St, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA - I was talking about petitions, including ones to get people out of jail.
  • Tomb of the Unknowns, VA - Was there any place more appropriate for Memorial Day?
  • San Andreas Fault, CA - Talking about peoples faults.
  • Nadi, Fiji - This post, since that's how many people will still be reading by this point. Nada.

Cheerio people. One month in :) how long can I last? (That's what you said last night, what a coincidence.)

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  1. I had not noticed though it is quite clever to have some sort of methodology for it...


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