Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Thoughts

I have mixed feelings on how Memorial Day is treated.

To me, it should be about taking the day out to remember all that everyone who died for this country, did.

It should be about waving the flag with pride, because truthfully, there is no greater country in the world then America.

I get a little annoyed at sales, and barbecues, and other things that are done specifically on Memorial Day, since this ruins the essence of what the day represents.

But then you have the other side of the coin. These things, the sales, BBQs, etc., are only made possible because these people died for our country.

So maybe that too is the right way to treat it.


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  1. I agree, I'm not sure how sales and barbeque-ing commemorate our fallen (unless maybe the stores are "sacrificing" some profits in their honor). Then again, secular people have a warped sense of commemorating yahrtzeits in general, it becomes more of a celebration of the living than a remembrance of the dead. A lot of illogical things go on when you run a life devoid of spirituality.


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