Friday, May 18, 2012

The First Gay President...Really?

For those that haven't yet heard, Newsweek named President Obama the "First Gay President" this week.

So let me get this straight (get it, "straight"), he comes out in favor of gay marriage, so this makes him a gay president?

Clay Aiken, he would be a gay president.

Rosy O'Donnell, gay president.

Perez Hilton, definitely a gay president.

Barack Hussein Obama, not a gay president.

Personally, I don't think gay's should be allowed to get married. The word "marriage" is for a man and a woman. Let them be called anything else they'd like.

Let them get all the same benefits (no pun intended) as married couples. Health care. Insurance. Etc.

Just save the technical term "marriage" for a man and woman.

How about you? Put aside religious reasons why they shouldn't be doing it, but for those that are, should they be allowed to get "married"?


  1. Mm interesting post...

  2. I think that when it comes to matters like this, we still have to abide by "the separation of church and state."

    As Jews, we have to be pro-choice because we do believe there are situations when an abortion is necessary (I have heard this from rabbanim). Pro-life will not necessarily consider risks to the mother.

    San Francisco has already tried to ban brissim.

    The very reason for our security and safety in this country is because of "separation of church and state." And the idea of "marriage" is a biblical one. And consider: we have biblical and cultural concepts of multiple wives, but we aren't exactly backing up polygamists in Utah.

    Our idea of a binding marriage contract differs to the rest of the world. To us, going in front of someone ordained online and pledging love and devotion doesn't count as "marriage." So already the gentile perception of "marriage" differs from our own.

    Frankly, I don't care. It doesn't affect my life. We object to the biblical prohibition of male gayness; that idea is separate from that of men wanting to marry. If someone can't handle government policy in a country that is not our own, make aliyah.

    1. Actually there is much more official tolerance for gay rights in Israel than in the US.

  3. I agree. Marriage as an institution is going pieces as it is with all the couples cohabiting and having children out of wedlock. Having to explain to children why some kids have two daddies or two mommies would just make the idea of marriage even more laughable.

    Haven't read this edition of Newsweek yet but now I'm very curious to see this article. Usually they're quite liberal so I'm sure "The First Gay President" has some positive interpretation. I'd have enjoyed this cover more if it really was satirical, but since it's Newsweek I'm guessing it's not.


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