Saturday, May 5, 2012

Schedule - The Answer to all Chaos

The misspelled Wondering Mind has wandered around for a while, and finally wondered how to make this blog more successful.

Now, while readership may fluctuate, and views and comments may appear and disappear, a set schedule for posts and ideas became a brilliant idea.

And while this blog may last for years, months, weeks, or only days, this is the I hope to follow by.

And without much further ado, the highly anticipated, by no one but myself, names and themes:

Sunday - Sports Sundays - A wrap-up of some top sports stories from the previous week (Sun-Sat), with thoughts mixed in.

Monday - Musings Monday - Thoughts and other things that have popped up in my head. (I had to read 'popped' three times to make sure it was spelled correctly, and not written as 'pooped'.)

Tuesday - Thoughtful Tuesday - Really well thought out blog posts are saved for Tuesdays...or just other things to make you think and ask questions upon yourselves.

Wednesday - Wondering Woman's Wednesday - We'll try to go for woman appealing topics on Wednesdays, since Sunday has became a manly day...and it's the misspelled name of the blog. You think it wouldn't be incorporated into the Wednesday title?!

Thursday - Tanka Thursday - A post made up entirely using the Tanka form of poetry (5-7-5-7-7).

Friday - Forgetful Friday - Any last thoughts from the week that may have been forgotten from a post…or just a random topic, since we can forget about topics and themes for a day.

Saturday - Sleepy Saturday - AKA: No new posts. Because even God took off once in a while...that's how you can explain a platypus.

Hope you hang around long enough to experience them all!
(And I hope I hang around long enough to write them all...)

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