Monday, May 7, 2012

Attention Span of a Newt - Musings Monday

With a few blog posts in the books, I've discovered something about blog readers.

They have the attention span of a newt.

They'll read your blog for one post, maybe two or three, and disappear after that.

And unless you talk about specifically the right topic, they'll disappear.

My first few posts, talked about other people, their posts, and things that happen in their lives. And people flocked to them.

And then I went a little different, and wrote a random poem, and other thoughts, and just like that, they've lost interest.

And that's when I realized, the newt scenario.

So, consider Wondering Minds a marsh, and come flocking back, you silly newts!

Because silly newts, the presidency is for mitts!


  1. I am a Newt. I like to Blewt. I am very weird. I like to yield. I want to laugh I want to barf. I want to cry. Unless I have wifi. I make good cake. I like to bake. I hate many sports. I like to wear shorts. Because they're wicked. And because I am a jicked. I want to swim. And have a whim. I hate my friends wife. I like many a knife. I want to learn. But I need to earn. I think you're nice. But I think you need a trist. I feel like a kid. And I am a Yid.

    Ok I think I have demonstrated my strangeness enough. Have a good day. Just so you know that some of us do read ur strange poems...

  2. Um, yeah. I when I was solely a blog reader I would be particular in what I read, and there is one given:

    Everyone likes dating stories, the yentas. So I have to provide.

    And just because someone doesn't leave a comment doesn't mean they haven't read the post. I only comment if I have something to say.

  3. Lol talk about short attention span. I read your post this morning. Then I forgot that I read it. Then I went to check out your blog because I thought hey you haven't posted today. And saw 2 posts from today.

    Poems are okay. Depends on the kind. I like free style.

    1. One of the posts was just a note, not a real post.

      And I choose a style of poetry that you don't generally see.

    2. The poem didn't say much.


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