Thursday, May 17, 2012

Internet & Electronics For Kids?

An article in the Wall Street Journal last week, by David Gelernter (article here) talked about how children should spend their summers outside, and not pick up their phones, iStuff, or go online.

Now, he does have a point, and kids definitely need their fair share of Vitamin D
from the sun. But he concludes his article by saying:

"And so, yes to the Internet, yes to the cybersphere! Yes to modern iMachines and pads, pods, smartphones—and to liquor, fast cars and sleeping pills when you need them. But not for children."
And this I don't agree with.

While on most things I'll say that other companies are better, such as computers (Windows>MacOS) and TV's (Normal>Apple TV), I will however say that to use any other companies Tablet system, would just be silly.

A lot of the stuff I'll talk about here is probably available on other systems, but who are we kidding. The uniformity of iOS is much better for children to learn on, then the Android tablets.

And learn they can. From math (MathBoard and Math Bingo are the recommended starters), to geography (try out 123 World Geography).

Musically inclined children, can fool around with Garageband.

Artistic children, can doodle away on Drawing Pad.

I have seen children use most of the apps above. The learning time for them to learn how to use the apps, was next to nothing.

And the teaching values of some of them, phenomenal. They have a step up on other children when they advance in school.

So no Mr. Gelernter, the solution is not to take away technology from the children. The solution is to give it to them, in moderation. Both moderation of time, and moderation by adults, to make sure they only do child appropriate things with the technology.

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  1. Yes, 3 year old children know how to use the Ipad better than I do. Because I don't have one. And if they know how to use it what makes you think they won't use it inappropriately?

    I agree with you that- times are different now then they once were, we need to embrace technology and use it because it is a great tool for good things. And you can't force kids not to use them because they will learn it all eventually.

    BUT- a kid can't get exercise on an ipad. Or fresh air, or friend. He needs to get outside and experience real life. Fights on a playground, interaction, etc.

    I personally would not let my kids use an ipad before they can even talk. And parents SAY they are moderating and then they don't.

    As with everything, it is a personal decision. You cannot get away from it, doesn't mean you should necessarily encourage it.


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