Thursday, May 10, 2012

With Emphasis This Time - Tanka Thursday

Last week I began
A quest to write poetry
But one thing it lacked
Was substance and character
And a voice of discussion

So when writing now
I think of something to voice
And again I can't
But maybe that's much better
To just spew randomness out

Thoughts are misleading
But random sayings say lots
About character
And what the mind thinks about
When forced to put things in words

I'll now hear comments
About needing more saying
And less of: Just words
So for that I say: Forgive
It's hard to write daily posts

I know I brought that
Upon myself to fulfill
But try it, I will
And poetry may die out
Like the Mayans and Incas

Counting syllables
Well, that is the easy part
Its substance that's hard
To put words together while
Still sticking to those limits

So maybe this ends
The fine tradition it was
That my readers know
Better as: Tanka Thursday
Two weeks of it was enough

On that note, I end with a poem I found online, and you'll probably like it better with the picture found here:
Roses are red,
Bacon is also red,
Poems are hard,


  1. Poetry is way
    of expressing
    your thoughts
    without the rigidity
    of sentence structure.

    I started reading your blog,
    to see what is was like
    and if you had anything of worth
    to share
    with us.

    I was sorely disappointed
    and wondered
    why you ever
    started to blog
    in the first place.

    I'll give you
    the benefit of the doubt.
    You may have great things to say
    you just suck
    at poetry.

    My advice:
    drop it.
    And move on
    to bigger
    and better things.

    Anyway, congrats on almost reaching 2 weeks.

  2. Agreed. Sorry...

    1. lol, don't be sorry.

      I actually do have some things I need to say, which will be in tomorrows post (about the Internet Asifah), as well as on Tuesday (Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community).

      The Minds will also be having an article on Monday by The Shomer Toucher.

      So hopefully I'll be able to give you guys reasons to keep coming back and reading.

    2. Cymbaline covered it here:

      Looking forward.

    3. Unfort. I've already written my piece. So it may have some overlapping points. But it's okay, I'm allowed to vent in my posts.

    4. :) I know that. And many people can discuss the same thing and have varying opinions. Though in this case I suspect your opinion would be similar to what was already written. What's that quote about many people and even more opinions?

    5. On that note, I've flip flopped the two articles. Internet Asifah will be on Tuesday. Sex Abuse tomorrow.

    6. Giddy with excitement. What is Fridays topic supposed to be?

    7. Excerpt from Schedule - Answer to all Chaos:
      Forgetful Friday - Any last thoughts from the week that may have been forgotten from a post…or just a random topic, since we can forget about topics and themes for a day.

  3. I'll be sure to be back here tomorrow then. Same time, same place? Your times are all over the place. So much for scheduling posts.

  4. Actually, they are all scheduled, purposely all over the mornings.

    I had some anon blogger tell me that "it looked like I was in Europe, because posts came out between 3-4AM EST." So I told them everything was scheduled for a reason.

    Since then I have randomly picked times. So tomorrows posts will be there by 7AM EST.

  5. Or you are just very nocturnal. So why the random timing? Another theme of your blog?

    1. Yup, goes with the random locations for the blogs.

  6. So you are a wandering Jew.


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