Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tanka Thursday #1

So, for anyone who has spoken to me in the blogosphere since I started this blog, they know that my biggest issue is trying to think up something to talk about. The best solution, make at least one day a week, where I have a theme for the day, and just talk about that, one day a week.

With that, I introduce: Tanka Thursdays.

Let's first introduce Tanka - It is a form of poetry, made up of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables. Similar to a Haiku, which is 5-7-5.

Here goes nothing:

So I am a man
Who started a random blog
And now I am stuck
With lack of thoughts to ponder
So bear with me through it all

I'd thank those who read
And also commentators
For starting is hard
But continuing, harder
Again and again I'll try

I then had a thought
Why not do themes and topics?
So here it is now
Why this? I have no darn clue

But now it's started
With the first one being this
And I can't turn back
For I am not a quitter
Until I get bored that is

When it gets too old
Or I hear too much banter
I'll pick something new
And see if that goes further
For now, I'll just say: Hi Mom!


  1. commenting on a random post and u can delete it but just telling you to be careful if you want to remain as anonymous as possible. Right now it is 6.25am in New York and your 'musing mondays' post was written '2 hours ago' as it says on the burnt dreadlocks website, where all the blogs are and when they were updated. That means that you wrote it at 4.25am New York Time but you called it 'Monday', and it's very unlikely that you're up that early. People may therefore assume that you're from europe. If you are, and you want to maintain your identity, be careful about the time at which you post on your blog and which 'date' you put it down as. Just a friendly reminder. Unless you did it on purpose as a bluff which I wouldn't put past you.

    1. Thank you kind sir. Everything done on this site has a reason.

      Until I say something, no one will know anything.


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