Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SNL Thoughts and Bieber (BARF)

Monday's post kind of became a Wondering Woman's Wednesday let's call it that, and today will be a Musing Monday.

Today I am thinking about Saturday Night Live, or SNL, and their digital shorts.

I'm sure you've seen some of them, such as "Dick in a Box", "I Just Had Sex", or the Grammy nominated song "I'm On a Boat".

They are created by a musical group known as Lonely Island, which is made up mostly of Jews, with the singers being Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone.

Two weeks ago they featured their 100th digital short, and to do so, they made a new song, featuring within it a montage of some of their other best works.

Personally, I loved it. I've loved the other work they've done before, and this was no different.

It had one difference, it was missing Akiva, and in his place was the Canadian-Ball-Of-Puke, Justin Bieber. And the song even referenced that Akiva was missing, with JB (can't even say the name) in his place.

Now, as usual, it was a filthy song, mostly featuring them talking about celebrating by, and I quote: "tonight, we are going to suck our own dicks".

And JB joking and saying "Wait, what?"...or was he being serious?

A few days later, a report came out saying JB was disgusted by the video. Is he serious?

Anyone who has ever seen any of the Lonely Island pieces clearly knew that it would feature at least one crazy feature. And if it is supposed to be a celebration of the best, then it is even more likely to feature the best of older clips.

Was this post-hating just more hype for the video, in which he feigned disgust? Or was it real?

And if JB didn't know that coming in...then I guess it really is true...he is just a teenage Canadian girl, and is too stupid for America, which frankly, is quite hard to be.

Video here for those that missed it...enjoy :) you can be sure I did!


  1. "he is just a teenage Canadian girl, and is too stupid for America, which frankly, is quite hard to be." Great line.

    JB isn't too bad. Except the first time I heard him sing I really did think he was a girl.

  2. True, Justin Bieber is too underage to fit in this clip. I'm not so familiar with these shorts, though I'm on a Boat was pretty catchy. The first time I heard "I Just Had Sex," I went crazy because I thought that Akon really lost it and commented as such on youtube. Someone kindly responded with some more crazy videos from this source, so I realized they're just parody and moved on with life.

    Who is Akiva?

    I'm not a JB mayvin or anything... but I like his new song Boyfriend. It's a cross between Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake (whose appearance totally made this clip btw). Are all these singers/actresses real or are they impersonators? Natalie Portman was pretty good (was the crazy part a reference to Black Swan?)

    1. Akiva is the third member of Lonely Island, who was NOT in this video.

      And the Natalie Portman thing was playing off her earlier sketch: (WARNING: VERY VULGAR)

      And all the singers/actresses are people used in previous sketches, whether real people or characters, each was different.


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