Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Be The Best At What You Can Achieve

I went to Home Depot the other day looking for a particular light bulb.

It wasn't a typical bulb for an inside light, but rather a specialized outdoor bulb, that I needed in a specific wattage.

So while I am looking on the shelves for the bulb, I see a sales associate, so I ask him for help, showing him what I was looking for (I had the box with me).

So he takes the box from me and without saying anything just walks away down the aisle.

I pause for a second, and then follow him down the aisle, figuring he is taking me there.

He stops in front of a few bulbs, looks at the wattage on mine, and then starts searching in the shelves. Me standing next to him, see that they don't have in the wattage that I need.

He turns back to me, and just shakes his head to me, before handing back the box, and walking away.

As I was leaving I went to customer service, to find out if another Home Depot had the bulb I was looking for, so I could drive by and pick one up.

She said they didn't (after looking it up in the system), but then said I should ask the Head of the Lighting Department if he has any such bulbs hidden away somewhere.

She turns, and points me to the man who had helped me earlier, saying that he is the Head of the Department.

"Oh", she says, "by the way, he's deaf, but he'll help you find what you need."

And right then, the clarity hit me.

This man, who can't hear a thing, is in charge of the thing he does have full control over.

Sight. Light. And Darkness.

The lesson learned is that even if you can't do some things, find the things you can do, and do them to the best of your abilities.

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