Monday, August 19, 2013

Jewish Dating Sites - Part 1

I have been on these for many, many months and years.

Signed up and paid for some of them, while others I just made the free account.

From YU Connects, to JWed and JDate, to ZivugZone and HareiAt.

But they all have one thing in common.

They are completely useless.

Girls make a profile, and never fill it in. Or make a full profile, yet don’t put a picture. Or worse, make a profile and never look at it again.

So you find one you like, and send it a message.

Sometimes they sit there for months, unread. Other times they are read within the first 24 hours (yes, some of the systems tell you when it is read), but never responded to.

Where is the courtesy? If you are not interested, yet someone took the time to write a message longer than “Hi, wanna date?”, couldn't you just respond “No thank you, I am not interested” or something along those lines, just so they know where you stand?

And if you are going to never use the account again, then click the “Inactive” button, so that guys don’t have to crawl through your profile, with a faint glimmer of hope, that maybe this girl will respond.

That’s right. The hope isn’t “Maybe she’ll go out with me” or “Maybe she’s the one”. The hope is that the girls will actually respond for once.

So sick and tired of this, but in a world where shidduch dating is full of lies (as no one can truly tell a shadchin what they really are, as its hard enough admitting it to yourselves), dating sites are the one fall back when you just want a shred of hope in your search.

On that note, I had a girl call me on Friday, who I had sent my number too in September of 2012. She started with "Hi, it's ____ from JWed"...yes, because I remember exactly who you are...been waiting beside my phone for you to call! Not.

 photo hellimliving_zpsf1b60fc5.gif doesn't fit exactly. But I still used it!

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  1. I think we've all been there, except I never even got a call.


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