Monday, August 12, 2013

Brooklyn Judaism Has Hit Britain

Many years ago in Brooklyn, at a ShopRite located on the border of Flatbush and Boro Park, a controversy arose.

For those that don't know Flatbush and Boro Park are big Jewish communities, that help make up Brooklyn, NY, the largest Jewish community outside of Israel.

The controversy was simple:

The Jewish people that came to the ShopRite didn't want to see the covers of the smutty magazines that were being sold there.

Now, this wasn't just about Playboy and Hustler, this included People and Newsweek.

So ShopRite complied and put black partitions in front of the magazine covers, so that just the titles stuck out, for those looking for the magazine.

In my opinion, this isn't fair to the Magazines, as the way they sell, is on impulse, based on the main story, generally featured on the front page.

And now, Britain has instituted it as well.

Seems like the rest of the world is catching up on modesty!

Tune in Wednesday when I discuss the new Porn rules there as well.


  1. I have never been in a ShopRite that carries Playboy or Hustler. I would have noticed.

    1. My point wasn't specifically about those two.

      It was that in a case like that, it's understandable, but Newsweek and People are examples of the ones that people went after.

  2. Um, they're British. I didn't even know immodesty existed there.

    1. Seriously? Europe is a lot worse than than the US.

    2. But Brits are all prudes, aren't they?

    3. No, sweetie. They're really vulgar. You are confusing all of England with Queen Victoria who was, granted, a prude.

  3. Actually, Britain is really raunchy. They have nudity in their basic advertising. I guess they don't have the FCC. I was in a card shop there and ran out with my face bright red. A regular, everyday, card shop.

    If they are asking to cover the covers, believe me, it must be bad.


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