Monday, August 5, 2013

Failed Logic of College Students

College students are pretty stupid.

And I have proof.

When I was in college, I suggested something to my classmates, to which no one else thought was a good idea.

I'll start with the premise: The Professor grades on a curve. So the highest score becomes an A, and everyone else is graded accordingly.

Well, what if everyone gets a 0 on the test? Wouldn't that mean that everyone deserves the A, since they are all the highest score?

Now, before you say that this is a crazy idea, and their is no way it can ever work, I present to you, a real life case, of 56 students, in 3 classes, with 1 professor, that did it, and it was allowed.

The article is in the August issue of Wired (found halfway down this page), and states:

For the past seven years, Peter Fröhlich, a computer science professor at Johns Hopkins University, has given the highest score on big exams an A, adjusting everyone else’s results accordingly. Fair enough—unless all the students in three of his programming classes sign a pact, as they did last fall, promising they’d skip the exam, thus guaranteeing A’s for everyone. Here’s how the crafty buggers pulled it off. 

Now, if you ask me, that's an honest Professor right there. The syllabus is a binding agreement to the class, by which the Professor states his rules and regulations for the class. And Peter Frohlich stuck to it.

Now if only there were more honest Professors out there...and more students willing to read the rules, and use them to their advantage!

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