Sunday, August 18, 2013

Opening Up

Over the course of the 19+ months I have had this blogger account, I have had conversations with a few of my fellow bloggers, some of whom I follow, they follow me, or no connection at all.

It has given me the ability to see what people are truly like, especially in this environment, where people are open, since they are veiled.

And then I have met others on here, who have opened up to me, and I to them, about our real selves and personalities, and what we really want in life, or what we actually are like.

Part of the change in the style of this blog was that it needed a sense of direction. (BTW, background picture, taken by the Minds themselves. I think it's pretty cool.)

Last week I was talking to Cymbaline (from Obscured By Clouds), and she asked me what I thought was the reason I went back and read other blogs, and kept returning to them. And when I realized what that is, I would be able to blog better myself.

Well, whilst I was unable to answer that question, one of the things about the other blogs I read, is that they are all personal feelings, and one writer.

So that led me to get rid of the others, making this blog be more about me.

And to write more about myself, and my thoughts, than just posting for the sake of posting.

We'll see if it works out :)

Except Altie I guess...since I was all talk and no blog to begin with!

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