Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dream Jobs and Bringing You Down

I am lucky to have landed in my dream job.

By dream job, I mean the one that when I started college I wanted to get, and through time and hard work have moved up to do.

And I am happy to say, I do my job fairly well.

However, there's one guy at work, who is a constant downer.

None of us know why he is so miserable.

It could be because he is no longer the youngest person to have risen through the ranks and do this position (I’m now the holder of that title), or it may be because he can’t move up anymore, since he’s clashed with the heads of those positions one too many times.

But last week, after a week of filling in for someone else, I was in a great mood, as I had done my job perfectly all week.

(Let me just throw it out there, that my work is seen by a lot of people, so if screw ups happen, which they do, they are often commented on, so with the amount of training I’ve had (still in the early stages), I am always happy when I can go long stretches, mistake free.)

And then he walked into the room, and decided to pick on something that was slightly off. And by slightly off, that should be read as “It was perfect, and not done wrong, just not done the exact way he would have done it”.

Man, it really brought me off my high.

But I stood up to him, and told him that he shouldn’t worry about it, and then walked away from it, not letting him get the upper hand on me.

And do you know why?

Because I’m an adult :)

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