Friday, August 23, 2013

TV at 5AM

I watch TV daily at 5AM.

And there is absolutely nothing on.

I've seen more infomercials for hoses then I need to. There are at least 3 different ones, that can all shrink to nothing and fit in your pocket. Not that I need another hose in my pocket.

So I tend to flip channels, trying to find something.

My two hopes at that time are Fox Sports Live or MTV.

With MTV, sometimes it is music videos, which work nicely if I know the song and the captions are in-sync.

The other one that I love is called "Ridiculousness". For those that haven't seen it, it's basically a hardcore version of America's Funniest Home Videos.

I have a basic cable that I watch it on (based off of Direct TV, but with the channels rerouted slightly), so if anyone knows of something good to watch at 5AM, I'm all ears.

Except not Law & Order or NCIS...I need to stay awake at 5AM.


  1. Cartoon Network always has something on

    1. Tom and Jerry without sound just doesn't work as well...

      And I'm surprised FG...still no post on Affleck as Batman...disappointed in you.

    2. I get that. Those shorts were the perfect mix of timing, music, and sound effects.

      Meh. I really don't care. So long as Nolan and Snyder are involved its gonna suck anyways. They just don't get Superman.


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