Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shabbos With Friends

This has become a theme in the “real world” of hosting people for Friday night Shabbos meals.

Oh, and by real world, I don’t mean “not in the blogosphere”.

I mean, with real people, like Natalie Portman.

Yup, you missed the chance, but you could’ve had Friday night dinner with her.

All you had to do was answer the following questions:
1.) Do you think it's a good idea for thousands of young Jews to come together in isolated areas every summer? If so, which camp did you attend?
2.) Seth Cohen: greatest Jew to be a main character on a teenage drama? Only Jew to be a main character on a teenage drama? Still socially acceptable to reference?
3.) Is your Bubbie the one who makes the world's best matzo ball soup? What is her recipe? Have you called her lately?
4.) How do you contribute to your community? Do you:
a.) Volunteer at soup kitchens
b.) Foster puppies
c.) Tutor children
d.) Assist old ladies crossing the street
e.) Dress up like a superhero and rescue your neighbors
5.) What was the theme of your Bar Mitzvah? To support this statement, please submit pictures of yourself from said event. Bonus points for Pepsi-7Up action shots and/or dancing with a girl at least a head taller with enough distance between you to leave room for the Lord.
I have seen a few organizations that do organize meals for random people, with an even amount of single guys and girls, in the hopes that someone might meet their match at the Friday night Shabbos table.
For more details on Natalie’s adventure, check the Huffington Post article.
Oh, and while I’m on her, how hardcore of a girl is she?
For those that haven’t seen her on Saturday Night Live, should take a look at this, but be forewarned, it's for Adult Audiences only.

She’ll never be the same Padmé Amidala again.

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