Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CC - Cooking For Her

MA here. And yes, you read the title correctly.

I cook for my wife.

We usually split it half-half, with her doing Shabbos day and half the weekdays, and me doing Friday nights and the other half.

But the biggest challenge for me is figuring out what to cook.

Meat? Dairy? Frying? Baking? Grilling?

If I could just figure out what to make, it is as simple as going to the store and picking out the ingredients and putting them all together.

But I lack the creativity to pick a different item each night.

Which is why we will be having a pasta-based dish again tonight...

CG - When I entered this relationship, I assumed I would be doing the woman's duties of cooking and baking. And then I got the pleasant surprise that he could cook.

But honey, please leave the baking to me :) I don't like raw flour in my pastries!

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