Monday, August 26, 2013

Car Shopping Dos and Donts

So I bought a car recently, and wanted to share some of the things I learned while buying and shopping for a car.
  • Choose what you need instead of what you want. What you want will cost you thousands more, but when it ultimately comes down to it, what do you really need.
  • The most classic example of that first point, is the seats. Do you really need leather seats? Or would the material seats be good enough? Personally, I went with material, because if you go on long drives, the leather gets to be really annoying after a short while.
  • Air Conditioner - Yeah, seems like a given, but the options on this are pretty ranged these days. Some cars just have air conditioning vents in the front row, others give vents and/or even controls to the people in the rear row(s). I got mine with front row vents, and soon came to realize, that it gets very hot in the rear row, when the front row can be cold.
  • Moonroof/Sunroof. Yes, their are two words for it. Yes, their is a difference. No, I won't get into that here. But I digress. While to many it seems like something they will never use, I got one, and actually quite enjoy it. It gives me the option (on the highway, where having the windows all the way down both is annoying (wind whipping you) and counter-productive (as the wind slows you down, using up more gas)) to crack open my windows a little, and open the giant hole in my roof fully, and get a wonderful breeze while the car is in motion. Because of this, I have actually used my air conditioning less this summer than I should have.
  • A lot of cars these days have an "Auto-Park" feature. Don't bother spending the money on it.
  • But one thing you NEED to have? Rear View Camera. While you wonder why I insist you get one, let me explain. I have been able to park, while using it, in spots about an inch larger than my car, without playing bumper cars. I also am able to do this, in one move, that's right - one, just backing in, straigtening out, and turning the car off, thanks to the help of the camera.
  • 2WD/RWD/AWD - This is usually one of the major factors when deciding on a car. And quite frankly, if you an afford the increase in price, go for the All-Wheel Drive. Because the day of that first heavy snowfall, you'll get in the car, and the car will just power itself right out, where your old little RWD would've been struggling.
At the moment, I can't think of other pressing issues, but any car shoppers with questions, can feel free to ask them.

In my search for a car, I don't think there was a feature I didn't look into, or decide why I did (or didn't) want it, or need it.

Talk about thorough...but it is a monster purchase.

Yes, I'm ranting, but I gotta go now, the mail just came...holy cow, look at this car payment bill?!?!

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