Friday, August 2, 2013

CC - Caught In The Act

MA                                                                ***

She caught me yesterday.

The girl walked by, she had nice legs under a mini skirt, and my head turned as she walked by.

And CG saw me do it.

There is nothing that could be said at that point.

I felt like the dog caught going to the bathroom on the rug, and knows he was supposed to do it outside.

She calmly asked: "Really?"

To which I could have said: "What are you talking about?"

But I knew. And she knew that I knew. And I knew that she knew that I knew.

So I didn't even play the gender card, you know which one I mean: "Come on honey, I'm a guy. I couldn't help myself!"

Instead I did the manly thing.

I turned to the closest smoothie stand, and bought her the largest Strawberry Mango Smoothie they had.

Actions are truly louder than words.

                                                                      ***                                                                      ***
                                                                      ***                                                                      ***

CG                                                                ***

*Sigh.* He needs to be trained.

I know he's going to look at other girls, especially when they wear clothes that I can't wear.

But does he really have to do it when I'm STANDING. RIGHT. THERE?!

But with all that said and really was a good smoothie :) Thanks hun!

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